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Know thy self
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Apologies for any inconvenience but I've removed my contact details from this site.

This website has been constructed to provide information on BPD, NPD and Codependency. These are conditions that can only be diagnosed by mental health professionals.

I am not a mental health professional and I cannot offer anybody any professional advice. The only advice I will happily give is... if you’re in pain or struggling, seek appropriate help. A good place to start is usually with your Doctor or a Counsellor.

Over the years I've had many people contact me to say thank you and share their own stories of trauma and hope. I've appreciated the feedback and I'm glad to have helped in some small way.

However, I've decided that I want to focus on other things and spend less time on updating the site or remembering the past. I will keep the site up for as long as it is relevant and I hope it continues to be of use.

Good luck.

Angela :o)

Last updated: 11th November 2010

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