Useful links relating to an emotional cutoff in a child post family separation

The following is a list of websites that I personally found useful when researching emotional cutoff from a normal range parent. Their inclusion on the list is not an endorsement of the quality of information contained at these sites or the services offered by their owners/contributors. Please read the terms of use before visiting any of the websites listed here.

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Video: Attachment Based Parental Alienation

Dr Childress presents his model of Attachment Based – “Parental Alienation”. Excellent free training for those working with children.

Dr Craig Childress Website

Includes blog articles with valuable information for parents to understand the pathology and resources for parents to use.

Assessing Parenting – Children’s Response to Problematic Parenting

Dr Childress explains how children normally react to bad parenting based on Attachment Theory.

Parenting and Protest Behaviour’s in Children

Guide on how to deal with protest behaviour by Child Mind Institute

Parental Alienation with Stuart Hontree

Radio Interview on Parental Alienation with Stuart Hontree the author of Parental Alienation, Attachment and Corrupt Law. It is unfortunate that the sound cuts out a few minutes before the end but none the less an informative interview.

Family Access – Fighting For Children’s Rights

This organisation does an amazing job of organising events to raise awareness of Parental Alienation. I’ve sat on a few of their phone calls with guest speakers. You have to register for the calls but they are free to dial in. As they are based in the US the time of the calls is in the wee hours of the morning in the UK but the information you receive is well worth it.

Intractable contact disputes – the extreme unreliability of children’s ascertainable wishes and feelings

Paper by Dr Kirk Weir on why a child’s wishes and feelings are unreliable when dealing with cases of contact dispute. 

Video: Geldof on Fathers

Documentary on fathers experiences of going through the court process to maintain their relationships with their children. The documentary focuses on the need for shared parenting and changes to legislation.

Video: Erasing Dad

Documentary on the struggle of Argentinian fathers getting contact with their children with distressing accounts of child abuse and emotional turmoil. This documentary has been filmed in Spanish but you can turn on English subtitles.

Video: The ‘Dad’ Documentary

Another shocking expose of the dire court process where narcissistic parents put their children and targeted parents through horrendous trauma. This time from Australia.

Dad Dilema – CNN Article

A report on the heartbreak faced by fathers post divorce in the US.

Families Need Fathers – Both Parents Matter (FNF)

FNF are dedicated to promoting the importance of having a relationship with their father for children who are at the centre of family disputes when parental relationships break down. FNF is currently working on raising awareness of parental alienation with the public and campaigning for a change in legislation and court processes to recognise and effectively deal with Parental Alienation.

Match Mothers

Offers support and information to mothers who are apart from their children, including as a result of parental alienation.