Useful Links on BPD

The following is a list of websites that I personally found useful when researching BPD. Their inclusion on the list is not an endorsement of the quality of information contained at these sites or the services offered by their owners/contributors. Please read the terms of use before visiting any of the websites listed here.

This website is based in the UK and is a registered charity. The authors (many of whom live with mental illness) aim to raise awareness of BPD and provide support services including forums, live chat, an information line and a helpline. The site is geared towards those who suffer from BPD and those who live with them.

This site offers information on Dialectal Behavior Therapy (DBT) from those who have been through DBT.

It presents a number of articles on BPD and DBT and has a section on “mindfulness lessons” including Core Mindfulness, Observing, Describing, Participating and Nonjudgmental Stance.

BDP Resource Center

This website is affiliated with The University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell in the US. It provides information on the diagnosis of BPD, treatment and information. In particular it has long listing of recommended books relating to BPD and is broken down into areas relevant to Children and Adolescents, Co-occuring Disorders, DBT, Families, General, Medication, Psychotherapy, Relationships and Self-Injury.